s6300121.jpgI remember being excited that the dogs were going through puberty,thinking they’d be a bit more laid back and territotial,hmmmm,before I had chance to fix them the neiborhood dogs were trying to get in here at them,actually at least one did on two occaisions…..Blackis’ tit’s were growing,hmmmm,so off to the vet,they’re spending some quiet time and getting all fixed up…..This is not the nicest photos but they just come at me.I just went to town and Noi said they were howling?!?

So they”re home now,it was a long weekend and really missed them,little shits!!They are soo happy to get out of the “Docs” office,Vic drove them,my acomplice….on the way there they wouldn’t move but on the way back they were lickin’ us,glad to be sprung….