s6300544.jpgs6300520.jpgs6300518.jpgs6300516.jpgThe girls making “krathongs for the festival,a krathong is floating flower and leaf display to be sent out on the river later in the evening during the festivalwhich is quite beautiful.We first went for luch by the river and then prepared for the parade and festivities to follow….s6300526.jpgs6300524.jpgs6300528.jpgs6300532.jpgs6300535.jpgs6300530.jpgThe costumes in traditional types were wild,some of the head pieces are so detailed and I’m sure a bit heavy,not to mention the beauties wearing them…..s6300534.jpgs6300538.jpgs6300537.jpgs6300536.jpgThe parade winds up at the river where stages are set up for the days’ events.How it goes is,each street,which there are eight, out here in Nong Bua compete for the best performers,costumes and the elaborate huge Krathong,will show photos,they need pick up trucks….s6300545.jpgs6300550.jpgs6300552.jpgs6300584.jpgs6300551.jpgs6300549.jpgs6300553.jpgSo,what do you think?quite nice,eh?This is a small village and amazing to see how much effort is put in…s6300563.jpgHere,Noi in with the group,we had such good weather….s6300561.jpg

We go into the evening and the dancing and judging…………s6300584.jpgs6300585.jpgs6300588.jpgTo top it all off they had a great fireworks display and more dancing,so,that’s the Loy Krathong Festival for another year,street #5 won!!!!