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s6300363.jpgWe are just getting over celebrating our birthdays…..Noi turned 37 on friday and I turned 53 on monday,we had dinner parties right through,on saturday we had about 35 odd(not all really odd)people here for quite a feed.We got combined gifts of a killer cake,orchids and some large flower plants(potted),2 cases of bananas(i toutor 2 accountants and they pay me in fruit and veggies,they work for a large chinese exporter,man I have a ton of them in the freezer,few bunches hanging not to mention the dozen odd trees here!!!!anyhow,shakes are big and good with rum…..

Had a lovely visitor the other day,a traveller from New Zealand on the road for 2 years now.Louise is a pleasure and we hope to see her in a few months,on tour of South east asia now…..

don’t know why the first part is in blue,nice though..

Ya,I was finished on the monday which was my birthday,I had coffee,shake water,then kinda disapeared into the small house for a lie down,then Noi made me some soup and that helped,so had a smoke,as you do,and was up for the hammock in the Bamboo house…now that really helped and some wine later got me back on track.So,another year gone,which has been a blast and a new one that looks good already!! Also the bathroom at the Bamboo house for some reason never got a sink??Well,in the Post I saw this add for a plush resort I’d never spend my $$$ on,anyhow the sink was done from a wok and inset into the top,very cool,so guess???Yep,I bought a small stainless wok,took it to the machine shop and had them cut a hole for the drain,more granite cut and more slate,what the hell,and voila a beauty of a finish.

Too cool,I am hung over and these nice old ladies ring the bell,shoulda un-plugged it,and are looking for Noi,in my best sharades I’m like Noi will be back real soon,they seem to understand and I’m back to hiding in my shop,oh ya,another finish job….Jeff that I bought the place off of had left some big gear and just picked it up(cement mixer and the like)so finally have my gallery/studio ready for a makeover.I tore out the “garage style”shelves and started the clean-up,asked Noi,she said paint it orange,looks good,now putting the drop-ceiling in and pick the tiles for the floor tomorrow!!may as well,I think were done, for now at least ….so anyway,the ladies came over to look at our gardens and to tell us that our garden is the best in the area,from the critics of Nong Bua,our little village on the banks of the river kwai,quite special and you should come by anytime…..all the talk around has been what we’ve done to the place and keep doing,plus we support locally which they think is rare..I’m thinking we’ll have to organize garden tours and the like,Noi can handle that one and I’ll be arranging the “Q”,coming real soon,the body and parts are just about ready to start cookin’!!!!


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