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Well,thanks be that sunday wasn’t like saturday,man!!!There was about 10 of us and kinda a slow go which was right up my alley.There were 3 englishmen,including the tourists staying here.So,they had lot’s of familar talk and that makes anyone feel good.I had chili and baguette and had Noi cook up fresh cashew with kaffir lime leaf and fresh chilli,for a snack.A lot of the ex-pats enjoy something different from Thai food all the time.As for me,I eat it all the time and really don’t miss the western food.

Trying to get back to my normal routine after a full weekend,out watering the houses,fixing burnt lights(chinese,they don’t last long)went to town to get staples..My housekeeper has been off for 7 days,her mother died and in Thailand I think that is the minimum time before you take the body to the temple for cremation,we also attended the wake.The Princess,the Kings’ older sister died not long ago and her wake is 100 days,she lies in the Throne hall till april and everyday there are big gatherings giving their respect..Everyone wears black or black and white,everyday,the government was to mourn for 15 days then decided they would go the 100 days,amazing..The Princess was a teacher,promoted teaching french in this country and classical music..


It’s gotta be the full moon,it came up red the other,what a site!!so if that wasn’t enough,we got hit with people…Noi and I had a communication breakdown,so I thought it better to go to town and have a couple off beers,as you do..So,like I find a place some early customers,around noon,or a bit earlier,some english guys’,and we had a great time chatting…So,one guy says he’ll come out and stay,when he got here his ladyy said she wanted to stay a month!!Anyhow,they are having a nice quiet time and understanding a bit of the ways they have,interesting.Well,saturdays are my party day and I fore-warned them.As it turns out we had a gang and two we revil English,there would have been a fight as I was told by these two ‘hulligans’full of tatoos and quite ruff types,but we were havin’ a good old time and actually was sad to see them leave,much later….well,my customer,knew better than to join the party as I found out at breakfast today,man,they are so serious about they’re sport,football..they have this hate going from 1958,a lot of Manmchester fans died  to the hands of Liverpool and they can’t even sit together to watch the stupid thing!!!!amazing….

Anyhow,today is another party afternoon and give an update as to the group we have…

I had made a lamb stew,lovely and Noi cooked all day,we had the girls from the bars in the morning,scoffing down fish and papaya salad,curry and all kind of weeds and sticky rice,then the tourists,we didn’t stop all day till I was on automatic,couldn’t tell you how it finished???a greaat fuzziness today though….

s6303775.jpgI flew up to the north of Thailand where my “Q” is being built…Udon Thani is the capital of Issan,a large agriculture part of Thailand overflowing with culture and history,they have un-earthed articles dating to 8ooo years ago.Anyhow,kinda quiet but real nice…also alot cooler than where I am,and a bunch of ex-pats,went to this german guys’ place and wow!!!made hams,bread,I came home with quite a bag… main thing was to do final check before they started production.GHad a great time,the owner picked me up at the airport and toured me around,I was only there for 24 hours,but a nice peek.Anyhow,this’Q’ is the beast….s6303773.jpgthey never built one with a rotisserie and I have had many pigs on a spit so we worked on this for a while and it’s right.I like what they’ve done with the hood…s6303771.jpgit’ll handle a good size beast with no obstructions……another project going fine,ahhhhhh Thailand,it’s really nice…

well,another job off the list.I got my computor out in my shop now,had to screw around with the telephone and computor lines,yes,I waited till the pro came along…..and Marty sent me this ‘external harddrive’only 320 gig of music,movies,music vid and tv shows,I’m in heaven!!!!!Here chillin’,got my space,so many now I get lost…..The thing was difficult,the computor was in the guest house and when occupied it was real ackward to use it,so,now it’s ok…

s6303659.jpgHere we are sending our wishes high,over the holidays we sent up 4 on different occasions and no fires…..

they’re cool,like a fine material bag with a parrafin coil suspended at the opening,you hold them till they want to fly and we had such still nights they seemed to go forever……

s6303712.jpgHere’s a photo of our latest friends and guests…there’s from left Lauri-Ann,Teha,me,and Loreen.After a visit in this area of thailand they have gone to see the sights of Bangkok,temples,shopping,boat tours…..s6303684.jpgHere’s Marty, another s6300594.jpgCanadian,he’s been in thailand for probably 20 years.He came up for a couple of nights just after Xmas,it was a great visit and I look forward to going to his beach area…..s6303697.jpgHere Noi and I are really enjoying the Holiday times,and we’ve been having lot’s of them.As you would say”a revolving door”…….copy-of-s6303680.jpgand here is what I did to the garage,tiled floor,orange walls and a white drop ceiling with pot lighting and track,looks pretty sharp…copy-of-s6303679.jpgI have display cases on the wall and then here is my “work bench area”,I’ve bought a new computor desk and will have that set up there also….copy-of-s6303678.jpghere’s a good one,I turn the “garage”into my studio/office/hideaway and get it all done ,lookin’ fine and then notice I have all this shit that was in there,now what??build a shed…….I think that’ll be all for a while………………………………………………………s6303655.jpgHere we are on Xmas day,getting our seats and the feed will be served…s6303657.jpgsee, a tipical Xmas feed,there’s Steve,full……………………………..s6300619.jpgOh Ya’,on the finished up part,well I had been putting off since I got the place putting in a water holding tank,in case of shortage,and all I saw around were these ugly stainless or plastic shit,anyhow came along this fiberglass one,even matched the paint on the wall.Anyhow,also bought a pump which I needed,watering and trying to have a shower at the same time wasn’t good,now I can turn everything on and it’s got pressure,I think I’m finished now!!!!!!

There you are Suzan,sorry for the delay…..Happy New Year!!!

Boy,it feels like we’ve been doing this Xmas season a looong time!!!!I guess we’re rolling right into little Xmas tomorrow.

Marty came up for a visit after Xmas and we had a great couple of days,mostly just sitting around here,it’s pretty country out here,no flashing lights,lot’s of nature singin’….

Lorren,Laurianne and Teha came for a visit too,Lorren flew in from Calgary(she came to a lot of thursdays)and met up with her sister and niece living in China then flew into Thailand for a look around…It was great to seem them(and anyone else that makes the hop)we had a few sessions,foods,trekking,they went on elephants,bamboo rafting,train over the bridge(River Kwai)and had some good laughs…

So,Noi and I are just chillin’,had a great bounty of fun since our birthdays,so yes,it has been a while,a month,man, sorry no real photos,I was too  busy havin’ fun and at this moment trying to open up my stupid camera,I have the worst luck with this shit!!!!!will hopefully have photos soon…..

Well,the normal lunacy coming up to Xmas and the end of the year is the same over here(Asia),commercialism,$$$$$,no one is exempt,sad one!!!Anyhow,I enjoy it,especially the food and all the kisses,and,if your in the right spot and no acne breakout you should have done well…

Xmas day was a tipical festive day.We had about a dozen people for the day,couples and a few kids….alot of fun was had and then the food,I cooked,so,we had leg of lamb with a great marinade(black peppercorn,dijon)and made mint sauce,and the turkey,the stuffing with a twist,chestnut,very interesting,then the smashed potato with roasted garlic and a medely of veggies(cawliflower,brocoli and carrots)don’t forget the cranberry sauce,mmmmmmmmm,and gravy for both meats…

well,didn’t really take any pics’,too busy and all that…had a hell of a time and partied into the night,that’s us…..

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