Boy,it feels like we’ve been doing this Xmas season a looong time!!!!I guess we’re rolling right into little Xmas tomorrow.

Marty came up for a visit after Xmas and we had a great couple of days,mostly just sitting around here,it’s pretty country out here,no flashing lights,lot’s of nature singin’….

Lorren,Laurianne and Teha came for a visit too,Lorren flew in from Calgary(she came to a lot of thursdays)and met up with her sister and niece living in China then flew into Thailand for a look around…It was great to seem them(and anyone else that makes the hop)we had a few sessions,foods,trekking,they went on elephants,bamboo rafting,train over the bridge(River Kwai)and had some good laughs…

So,Noi and I are just chillin’,had a great bounty of fun since our birthdays,so yes,it has been a while,a month,man, sorry no real photos,I was too  busy havin’ fun and at this moment trying to open up my stupid camera,I have the worst luck with this shit!!!!!will hopefully have photos soon…..