It’s gotta be the full moon,it came up red the other,what a site!!so if that wasn’t enough,we got hit with people…Noi and I had a communication breakdown,so I thought it better to go to town and have a couple off beers,as you do..So,like I find a place some early customers,around noon,or a bit earlier,some english guys’,and we had a great time chatting…So,one guy says he’ll come out and stay,when he got here his ladyy said she wanted to stay a month!!Anyhow,they are having a nice quiet time and understanding a bit of the ways they have,interesting.Well,saturdays are my party day and I fore-warned them.As it turns out we had a gang and two we revil English,there would have been a fight as I was told by these two ‘hulligans’full of tatoos and quite ruff types,but we were havin’ a good old time and actually was sad to see them leave,much later….well,my customer,knew better than to join the party as I found out at breakfast today,man,they are so serious about they’re sport,football..they have this hate going from 1958,a lot of Manmchester fans died  to the hands of Liverpool and they can’t even sit together to watch the stupid thing!!!!amazing….

Anyhow,today is another party afternoon and give an update as to the group we have…

I had made a lamb stew,lovely and Noi cooked all day,we had the girls from the bars in the morning,scoffing down fish and papaya salad,curry and all kind of weeds and sticky rice,then the tourists,we didn’t stop all day till I was on automatic,couldn’t tell you how it finished???a greaat fuzziness today though….