Well,thanks be that sunday wasn’t like saturday,man!!!There was about 10 of us and kinda a slow go which was right up my alley.There were 3 englishmen,including the tourists staying here.So,they had lot’s of familar talk and that makes anyone feel good.I had chili and baguette and had Noi cook up fresh cashew with kaffir lime leaf and fresh chilli,for a snack.A lot of the ex-pats enjoy something different from Thai food all the time.As for me,I eat it all the time and really don’t miss the western food.

Trying to get back to my normal routine after a full weekend,out watering the houses,fixing burnt lights(chinese,they don’t last long)went to town to get staples..My housekeeper has been off for 7 days,her mother died and in Thailand I think that is the minimum time before you take the body to the temple for cremation,we also attended the wake.The Princess,the Kings’ older sister died not long ago and her wake is 100 days,she lies in the Throne hall till april and everyday there are big gatherings giving their respect..Everyone wears black or black and white,everyday,the government was to mourn for 15 days then decided they would go the 100 days,amazing..The Princess was a teacher,promoted teaching french in this country and classical music..