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Up early,have an early morning ride in town and off to Bangkok with other pre-dawn travellers..It’s only 2 hours and enough time to hear a few tunes and read the paper,my i-pod was out of juice, but hey!!It’s nice to get out alone and go at your own pace and not worrying about what everyone else wants to do.

It’s great coming into a big city with a bit of knowledge where to go also..I’m off the bus,quick cab over the river,check in,have a coffee and it’s the next leg,to get to the downtown area can take at least 2 hours,the traffic here is mental,ecspecially,Bangkok!!!

So,I get to frustrated, sitting there for hours in traffic,so anyway,I go to the river and they have this cool’river taxi service’,the boats ar long and handle about 120-150 people,the boats come regularly and the views are great,a lot of temples and skyscrapers to be,that takes an hour to get to the skytrain set-up,then it’s 15 minutes and your in the heart of it.There’s all the shopping,big department stores and ‘name brand’,what I like is they have these ‘western food stores’where you can get it all,and they have huge celections of wine,berr and booze…..a little shopping,meet friends for beer lunch then it’s back to Banglampoo or rather ‘backpacker central’,tons of cheap rooms to quite pricey with pools on the roof,bar after bar and restaurants,hawkers,it’s a carnival run on a few blocks that never stops.The music is blarring from every place and not the same staition either,the smells of al the fragrant foods in the air,and revellers from the world over…I used to party there alot in the late ’90’s, a blast and was I,but found on the fringe some quiter and people you could talk to,travellers.

I had also gone to stand in for and English friend at his wedding but as he was getting what he thought was the preliminary paper-work the guy said he could ‘now kiss the bride’.Lack of communication happens a lot here but,he is now married  and we did meet and have some beers and celebrated,copy-of-s6303902.jpga great pair…..

Up early for the 5am market,I get these huge ocean crabs when I come into the cit,and wasn’t it shut for the Buddhist holiday,oh well,lug a big empty cooler home,going again next week.The gem show is here twice a year and the biggest in the world,good for  a look,also a friend will be there from nepal and we like to hook up…

So,I get to Kanchanaburi and call Noi to come meet me and she can get her hair and nails done,I’ll have a couple of beers and it’s our first anniversary,been a long year….Well,at Jimmys’ bar,he’s telling me about this big tribal fest and to come up,so easy to get talked into stuff,and celebrating anyhow,said’let’s go’..s6303956.jpghere we are at the burmese border after 3 hours in a mini bus but real nice roads,and real windy once in the mountains.The ethnics here have such dress,amazing outfits and colors..also the markets,we found this one with truckloads of orchids just being sorted from the jungle,where normally an orchid would go from 100-2000 bht,$3-$60,and here a bunch was going for 60 cents,just what we need,more flowers to take care of,it was only 26 bunches,man…s6303958.jpgwe hired a pick-up and did some markets,bought some nice laquer work from Burma and then met ‘little Jimmy’at the water..s6303966.jpggotta keep up that size,great guy and always happy,a viet vet,he has this hippy-style guest houst and I loved it.He had a killer hang out area a very simple place you’d call a bathroom?? and a neat room for Noi and I upstairs.So,like were right across the street from the party,been fore warned…s6303947.jpg

The fest was very load and beautiful shows from the area,sorry for the lack of photos but sometimes just don’t bring out the camera……

Had a great visit and the next morning we were back to Nong Bua as we were arranging to have a party so got a short view and will come back for sure….

The voting is on this weekend and all the bars shut,so us here in the country get the way-wards out this way in droves,had a good day,lot’s of laughs and a bit more on sunday then it’s over for a few more days.

Update on the ‘Q’,will be on a vehicle today bound for these parts,I am sooo ready!!!!!!


Well,the weekend was kinda quiet,alot of the guys’ partied hard so had a few here on saturday,then went to the fishing park on sunday but that was quiet too.It’s fine with me as I can’t do those back to back.

So,I ‘ve joined this group here’the ol’ farts club’,we meet on every friday for drinks and snacks at’no name bar’ and raise money for schools in the area,a good cause and will have to stay in Kanchanaburi over night as it’s a bit of a piss-up…..

Just got news that the paint is in for the ‘Q’ and expect to send it next monday,it’s been quite some time but to get things right over here,that’s the way she works…….


s6303853.jpgAhhhhhh,yes,it’s over and another killer,had my saturday which is picking up speed and we’re all enjoying the place,reminds me of Ottawa,had some good ones there!!!s6303852.jpgHere is JJ and myself,he’s an old hippie from Hait Ashbury days,San Fran,a gemologist,and we’re off again to the Gem show in bangkok,we were there in the summer and plan to go again at the end of Feb…..

I’ve made a great new friend,a real character,English,real football hooligan,how is it that I always hook up with types that would not be the type to bring home to mother????s6303902.jpgs6303903.jpgAnyhow,Marc and his lovely wife Mia invited a bunch of us for a boat cruise down the ‘river kwai’ on sunday,s6303872.jpgs6303872.jpgthey have somewhere about 200 odd,and odd they are,barges that are party towed down the river for 5 hours with tons of beer, music and kareoke and on…s6303879.jpgs6303869.jpgwe set off around 4 pm,about 17 of us for Mais’ birthday and what a blast….s6303866.jpgs6303898.jpgs6303901.jpgMarc paid the whole shot and there ended up being enough beer and food to keep the revelers carrying on for 5 hours…Here is Marc assisting Mai who had been dancing,kareoke,push-ups and drinking for hours…s6303900.jpg Then we went back to Dons’ bar,s6303916.jpg s6303907.jpgs6303908.jpgand kept it going till about 4 in the morning.s6303904.jpgThat’s Aussie Steve,checkin’ all the girls out,in fine form…It was a long shift for me and Noi and I had booked a room at my fav hotel with swimming pool which I find is very helpful  for the morning after…….s6303917.jpg

So,Noi and I get back home mid morning and Marc is on the phone wanting to come out and visit,we got on so well I said come on down…..well,the last thing I thought of or needed was more beer,but,they came out with shrimp and all the shit and my beer fridge holds about 500 hundred,so,the girls are cooking,as thais do and Marc and I got on the piss,as you do,and we put a serious dent in that fridge,well one shelf for sure,just a blast…so,hopeful for a bit of a time out,looking for a cave to hide out in!!!!

Well,it’s early afternoon and after trying everything from juices,lot’s of water,back to bed then spicy mango salad,I am feeling much better and realized I have some photos from last nights party…s6303844.jpglike I said,it’s been quite a weekend,here I lost my balance coming around the table and fell into one of my fish ponds,no the fish are fine and thank you for asking…s6303842.jpghere is the gang after the fishing park,enjoying more beers and Nois’ cooking,that’s Aussie Steve with his back to the camera….s6303843.jpgand here is Jim getting ready to hit the road,he’s from England but lived in canada for 18 years and has been in the area for about 12 years and a great character.So,there’s a few shots anyhow….

This is getting very hard,mondays…well,saturday was loads of fun,food and beer flowing,and went late…..then sunday the fishing park finally re-opened also with a new owner…Don has a bar in Kanchanaburi that rocks and decided to take this one on,only he was MIA,all his staff was there and we had a ball,some guys’ made it back from  the EU and from other parts of thailand asnd the spirits were good.I invited everyone back to my place and it carried on.The rain came pounding and most have motorcycles so we just kept on partying.Aussie Steve was one of the last here and we were enjoying a few more beers,really needed..Anyhow he ended up phoning his wife,Porn,to bring the truck as the rain wasn’t letting up…Man,these weekends are making mondays tough…..

The ‘Q’,got a phone call this and some photos sent and she’s ready for paint,exciting and out to get a pig for the first run!!!!!

On saturday,I had the fright of my life!!!I’m in my shop and needed a pee,so figure I’ll go in the small house,for watever reason,flush the toilet once in awhile,anyhow open up the door and there is this big black snake lookin’ thing comin’ out of the toilet,like as round as my arm,so I slam the door and go ibn the tool shed in a panick!!!!What do I use as it looks like 6 feet long,well pvc pipe won’t work and I eye the 6 foot pinch bar,figure I’ll beat him to death,no my heart is pumpin’ as it’s bigger than I’m used to.Okay here I go,I fling the door open and ready to beat it then I see it’s a big log that fell off the walldecorative log that had fallen off the wall,whew!!!Man,my heart was racing and I went had a puff to calm me down,what a weekend!!!

Man,it is taking shpe and rollin’ with it,see what happens,have some old friends comin’ to retire and looks like we’ll have someone to take the helm and let me out of here…..

all good,party party,saturday is back again and the ‘Q’ master says that next week will be delivery of the beast,my neighbor has had wild boar on his property every day so I’m off with the ctoss-bow and get the spit filled,heheheheh…..

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