This is getting very hard,mondays…well,saturday was loads of fun,food and beer flowing,and went late…..then sunday the fishing park finally re-opened also with a new owner…Don has a bar in Kanchanaburi that rocks and decided to take this one on,only he was MIA,all his staff was there and we had a ball,some guys’ made it back from  the EU and from other parts of thailand asnd the spirits were good.I invited everyone back to my place and it carried on.The rain came pounding and most have motorcycles so we just kept on partying.Aussie Steve was one of the last here and we were enjoying a few more beers,really needed..Anyhow he ended up phoning his wife,Porn,to bring the truck as the rain wasn’t letting up…Man,these weekends are making mondays tough…..

The ‘Q’,got a phone call this and some photos sent and she’s ready for paint,exciting and out to get a pig for the first run!!!!!

On saturday,I had the fright of my life!!!I’m in my shop and needed a pee,so figure I’ll go in the small house,for watever reason,flush the toilet once in awhile,anyhow open up the door and there is this big black snake lookin’ thing comin’ out of the toilet,like as round as my arm,so I slam the door and go ibn the tool shed in a panick!!!!What do I use as it looks like 6 feet long,well pvc pipe won’t work and I eye the 6 foot pinch bar,figure I’ll beat him to death,no my heart is pumpin’ as it’s bigger than I’m used to.Okay here I go,I fling the door open and ready to beat it then I see it’s a big log that fell off the walldecorative log that had fallen off the wall,whew!!!Man,my heart was racing and I went had a puff to calm me down,what a weekend!!!