s6303853.jpgAhhhhhh,yes,it’s over and another killer,had my saturday which is picking up speed and we’re all enjoying the place,reminds me of Ottawa,had some good ones there!!!s6303852.jpgHere is JJ and myself,he’s an old hippie from Hait Ashbury days,San Fran,a gemologist,and we’re off again to the Gem show in bangkok,we were there in the summer and plan to go again at the end of Feb…..

I’ve made a great new friend,a real character,English,real football hooligan,how is it that I always hook up with types that would not be the type to bring home to mother????s6303902.jpgs6303903.jpgAnyhow,Marc and his lovely wife Mia invited a bunch of us for a boat cruise down the ‘river kwai’ on sunday,s6303872.jpgs6303872.jpgthey have somewhere about 200 odd,and odd they are,barges that are party towed down the river for 5 hours with tons of beer, music and kareoke and on…s6303879.jpgs6303869.jpgwe set off around 4 pm,about 17 of us for Mais’ birthday and what a blast….s6303866.jpgs6303898.jpgs6303901.jpgMarc paid the whole shot and there ended up being enough beer and food to keep the revelers carrying on for 5 hours…Here is Marc assisting Mai who had been dancing,kareoke,push-ups and drinking for hours…s6303900.jpg Then we went back to Dons’ bar,s6303916.jpg s6303907.jpgs6303908.jpgand kept it going till about 4 in the morning.s6303904.jpgThat’s Aussie Steve,checkin’ all the girls out,in fine form…It was a long shift for me and Noi and I had booked a room at my fav hotel with swimming pool which I find is very helpful  for the morning after…….s6303917.jpg

So,Noi and I get back home mid morning and Marc is on the phone wanting to come out and visit,we got on so well I said come on down…..well,the last thing I thought of or needed was more beer,but,they came out with shrimp and all the shit and my beer fridge holds about 500 hundred,so,the girls are cooking,as thais do and Marc and I got on the piss,as you do,and we put a serious dent in that fridge,well one shelf for sure,just a blast…so,hopeful for a bit of a time out,looking for a cave to hide out in!!!!