s6303996.jpgBoy,it sure took it’s time to get here*!@?I had lost all enthusiasm,this has been in production since fucking December.Anyhow,nice work,it’s big,beautiful and will cook a beast….I got the call friday morning from the post office to bring a truck as it had arrived.I had it worked out that Aussie Steve would use his truck and hoped it was on a loading dock,it weighs about 100 kilo…no worries and we were comin’ home….now it’s not much time to get a pig,and now in Thailand the pork industry has some price changes and I found out that no one wanted to sell me a small one,I saw 100 kilo ones but that’s a lot of pig,anyhow,off to a slaughter house and make a deal for a chunk of pig…..

Saturday at sunrise Noi and I are off to pig our pig part,this is not my first time at this either but for quezzy stomachs I’d give it a miss..These guys were fantastic to watch,while I was there they killed 4 huge beasts and the knives were flying.I decided on a hind leg which turned out to weigh in @ 33 lbs and were off on the scooter to rock,it’s BBQ time..

So,the menu is beer basted pig with baked potatoes,sorry for lack of photos,I was quite busy and we had a gang show up.Also,Courts’ wife came from Ottawa with brother in-law,Marty from Ban Seng drove and brought his niece from Kitchener,what great timing as a food experience is happening.Of course Noi has amounts of Thai favorites out too,a smorgasbord of delights……s6303991.jpg