Another weekend gone….last we left off with the BBQ,it’s bigs6303997.jpg and hard to find a place to hide it,s6303996.jpgbut whatever.So,I’ve been all about looking for a small pig but no-one wants to sell as bigger is more ca$h..Plan B…Jim has a friend who might be around and didn’t take too long to find him,a dutchman with pigs.I told him a meter long is all I can handle and Marko is his name  and seems pretty sure he can help out.He lives like 60 kilometers out of town and assures me I’ll never find it so we make a meeting point,Immigration office in Kanchanaburi.I’ve had Courts’ brother Terry riding shot-gun on my bike,showing him the sites,you ask what kinda sites???well,we’ll leave that one alone….

Anyhow,Terry and I meet Marko at the designated spot and off towards the hills we go.After a long time we have made it and a drink is in order..Marko has some -pretty pigs but they are also 100 kilo pigs!?!?!Ahhhh,he knows a lady who has pigs so off we go on another adventure.Now we end up really in the middle of no where and voila,she has small pigs,some still on the mother and others ready to go,okay,I order 3 pigs and will be back in 3 days,you say why 3 days??I now have to build an enclosure for my little we pork chops.

So,I’ve got the pen built,borrow a dog cage from the vet,didn’t mention what was going in it and Aussie Steve(to the rescue again)Robbie and myself are off to get the wigglie bastards..Well,Steve figures he knows where to go and I’m now lost and so remote the phones wont work and Marko beinng very patient finally comes to our rescue and leads us in….we got the pigs and made a dash for home as it’s 40 C in the shade and by the time we got home their tongues were hanging out…..trying to coordinate all of this only for my steel door guy  to be late and I hate to wait or have people wait so I say my goodbyes and thank yous’ to Steve and Robbie and call up my other lifesaver,Vic,perfect timing as he is still at home and will take me to town to drop off the cage.Yes,the doorman showed up and we have Elmer,fudd and Fat Farang in the cage and I need a beer!!!!!

Had a lovely week with our guests from Canadas6303991.jpg,lot’s of laughss6304002.jpggood food and of course,SHOPPING…Terry and I checked out the usual,girls,s6304000.jpgbeer and on and on….s6304001.jpg

This past 2 weeks has been busy around me,got my brochure done,after many proofs and Eliot is working on my web site.The site is

 let you know when it’s up and you can reserve a spot or just check it out…..

It’s funny ,all I really started out to do was get a BBq built and now I have a piggery.I will buy another freezer and keep pigs on hand,kill them in a month and get three more type of thing and now it’s off to find the shepherd,BAAAAAAAA,that’s next,lamb…..

tech problems and will have photos of the chops soooon!!!!