s6304130.jpg‘The bearded orchid’,finally see it bloom,we got it about 8 months ago,what a burst of flower and color.It’s the time of year and the garden of orchids is a site..s6304073.jpglou-262.jpglou-264.jpgs6304127.jpgs6303983.jpg

mangoe,rose apples,custard apples another seasonal freebie….

other than that,another weekend gone,usual suspects on saturday,but many of the guys’ out of town.I still havew this Canadian tourist staying,funny,he was a bit lost and asked at my neighbors’ house,with pamflet in hand,where my place was and Craig gave him a pamflet of another place down the road,count on ya’!!

Anyhow,Noi’s children finally came after us being here a year,real nice,I’d say 16&15,boy and girl,will have photos later,kinda on the shy side,first time out of the country to the country…..A few months gone now,but 3 months ago we recieved large snails from her family through many hands and had tried some and the bag has been hanging out side since.Well,yesterday she decided to make me up a plate,I’m game….s6304131.jpgso here she’s steamed them and now taking them out of their shells,cuts them up and with chilis(of course)cilantro,lime and onions makes this lovely salad for lunchs6304132.jpgthe middle plate and my fav,spicy mango salad with sticky rice,somethin’ is up!!!!!

Finally a shot of the ‘Q’ in actions6304141.jpgthe rib was well marinated then beer basted on a low heat with rosemary potatoes and a coleslaw with capers,ooooh…