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Finally,Sonkran is behind us and back to usual activities,it’s Saturday!!!!BBQ time…and also it’s time for ‘Fat Farang’…I just finish up my expresso and let’s get to it.It’s been a while since I’ve slaughtered pigs,used to be a regular happening when I was in Honduras and in Canada i had a farm and raising my own food…sooo,all went well and there’s Blackie checking out the kill…


Here we go,and go,you need some kind of container at least,have everything water proofed and minimal clothes,quite the time…and all are smiling and laughing….and drinking,like I said,5-6 days,it’s a hard….I don’t think this would work in Canada.It’s for luck too,the talc and water,a little put on gently,with the booze it’s turned up a notch….this is ‘Big Jimmy’ with my phone,I used a condom to protect,multi-task…Well,like most fun things,there is an end and very grateful,as I was there throwing water daily and all my upper body is in pain,bending and hurling water for hours on end,man!!!It was fun and I’ll be ready for next year…….Here on a quieter moment,I am having a blessing for the New Year..flower scented water and two garlands of flowers,nice…

Well,back in the saddle and since last post,not much,just chillin’.Noi’s children came for the holidays and having a fun visit,teenagers,boy and girl…all the activities on the list have been completed  and even a couple of work details..a couple of septic systems,one was new so not too bad but the other was an add on to the piggery…nasty…Oh ya’,the pigs are lookin’ soo good,Fat Farang looks like this is his last weekend,perfect size for the ‘Q’,heheheh…

The brochures have been working and the website is up but not done.

HAVE BEEN WORKING ON JEWELLERY AGAIN AND HAVE MY WORK PERMIT IN SO WE’LL SEE WHAT DIRECTION IT TAKES.Plan is to teach and do a package deal and see the response…also been working the real estate deal and have a couple of irons in the fire.My friends from Canada have bowed out of investing here with me which is fine as I have a large plate full here,carry on…..


sonkran is a huge party,new year and all.It’s nice over here,they celebrate western new year then in february it’s Chinese new year and now,Thai new year.It’s around a lot of water being thrown at people for 5-7 days,there are the coolest water guns avaiable and no chance of staying dry over this period unless you stay home.I’ve set up two laders against the inside wall with hoses and power-spray nozzles and having too much fun soaking the revellers as they pass by,heheheh.The village is packed with party-goers and today we plan to join in.Noi’s brother showed up at 4 am today and wait on his sister too.i’ve used a condome to protect my cell phone and it’s quite the hit…Here,I finally got an artist out to paint the front entrance and we’re happy with the job,also,many passers by and locals comment on it too.



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