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The gardens are lovin’ it,me too.I’ve got a couple of books gone and a few movies watched,quiet times..most people are on motor-bikes,during this time of year,most stay home, on the roads only if really need to…it’s also a great time for weeding the gardens,the ground is so moist,they come out easily….sounds boring???that too changes..

We decided to go visit this movie set up the road on a military base,amazing!!!!a whole ancient city re-created on about 20 acres.They have done this epic movie set in the old times,about 800 AD..The period costumes look like metal armor but on touching it turns out they’re made of leather,like that bell I’m standing by is made of styrofoam,real cool stuff..You get to tour the whole site and very well done….

A friend is doing my website( we’re to get together in Bangkok for a session on thursday,I haven’t seen Eliot for 7 years so it should be fun… we meet at this bar that was our local and as it turns out most of the ol’ crew was there.I was getting texted as to who had come in from Sweden and bla bla,what an evening,much better than the next 24 hours,I must of got a bad beer……..



Anyhow,on another boat party on tuesday,got my ticket back to Canada for a visit and Preston is checking out time schedule for the F1 in Montreal,I’m five days in Vancouver with old friends,then a couple of weeks in Ottawa doing the same.Usually I go home around the time of ‘Bluesfest’,a 10 day music event but have been reflecting and all I get done is music,now that’s not bad but time for visiting ,update later…..




Well,down to one left now and Miss Piggy get’s it tomorrow,this one was on the ‘Q’ saturday and it was wonderful….one friend Jim said it was the best he ever had,I thinkl it was pretty good too.I’ve been feeding them at least a 1/2 bushel of fruit a day,you can taste the diff…..I had asked Choy,my worker to come and help kill Miss Piggy,he’s here at 6 am and he can’t kill anything,a Buddist,hmmmmm,he’s fine to gut and all that,and me with a bandaged wing,well I put on one of those kitchen gloves and let her have it,not too bad and she was 10 days older and a big difference in weight,a little more cranky too…..that’s enough of that!!

Anyhow,I quatered this one,for smaller groups and we cdooked up the head and offered it to Buddha…the rainy season is here and some bad weather from that Cyclone,poor people in Burma!!!!!

that time of year again,buy those flowers and chocolates for that wonderful lady…,they celebrate Mother’s day on the Queens’ birthday in the summer….rainy season is in and cool down or what,from 40-42C to now 30-34,had to put a shirt on,brrrr..planning to come to Canada soon,I hear the weather is back,as in warm….went to Bangkok to do my yearly visa and buy the ticket,but,met an english friend for beer and meds,well,after 4 quarts we carried on to a pub and hooked with the irish and well you can imagine,got visa but no ticket and barely made it to the hotel!!!!twas a great time,I’m off to Bangkok tomorrow to try it again…..

man,it’s been a while,didn’t think I’d be missed.Really,just been real busy and it’s easy to get away and put things off…Well,there’s another pig down,this one we had on the’Q’ over the weekend and I tell ya’,mmmmmmm,real good,one friend was telling me it was the best for him,that was before many beers too!!!Tehre’s only Misss Piggy left and she gets it tomorrow.That’s a big maybe as I had a bit of an accident,at home now,changing a fucking light bulb…It has a great glass globe,well that fell in pieces in my hand and the blood was really flying…that’s another reason I haven’t been on the computor,still having a time typing.I have two fingers taped together so the cuts can close,not a pretty site…sooo,ya my helper is in tomorrow but from the two pigs gone he doesn’t seem to be the killin’ type,hope to see some change in the morn’..that ‘was’ the light It’s a globe now…This pic of Noi and her daughter,well,it was raining and these two were having a ball catching frogs,not really lady-like but I was laughing at the pair of them screeching and howling,they ended up with about 15 and we had them for lunch,another mmmmmmm…

We hired another boat/barge and had a hoot,nice way to waste a day……..

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