Well,down to one left now and Miss Piggy get’s it tomorrow,this one was on the ‘Q’ saturday and it was wonderful….one friend Jim said it was the best he ever had,I thinkl it was pretty good too.I’ve been feeding them at least a 1/2 bushel of fruit a day,you can taste the diff…..I had asked Choy,my worker to come and help kill Miss Piggy,he’s here at 6 am and he can’t kill anything,a Buddist,hmmmmm,he’s fine to gut and all that,and me with a bandaged wing,well I put on one of those kitchen gloves and let her have it,not too bad and she was 10 days older and a big difference in weight,a little more cranky too…..that’s enough of that!!

Anyhow,I quatered this one,for smaller groups and we cdooked up the head and offered it to Buddha…the rainy season is here and some bad weather from that Cyclone,poor people in Burma!!!!!