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Here we are at Guy&Margo’s in Ottawa south,my digs while in the Ottawa area,location,location!!!!!I brought my in-line skates from Thailand and Guy has a Mountain bike for me,stylin’….early mornins’ skate the canal and the rest on the bike,Ottawa is the city for it,man…

This year it’s all about ‘the visit’,try to hang out and visit people and oh ya,empty my storage of 20 years…the weather is perfect and in good form for this 2 week tour,let you know later,actually near the end I was getting weary and feeling my age,naw!!!!Here are some nice morning shots of the canal area of Ottawa,It goes from north to south through the city and is used year round,in the winter,the longest skating rink in the world,it’s great!!!well paved route and that’s me with the safety gear’s about 10-12 kilometers long and i choose to do both sides,also amazing so many beauties out at this time of the day…..what a beautiful city,when i have lived there i found it well laid out,people friendly and no need of a car!!!!!Anyhow,looks like a good summer ahead,man,like another tour on the canal…..


Here’s Pogie,Ecky and myself having a couple in Vancouver,we had a great weekend and all camped at Steve and Jodi’s house and had a time,Pogie in the middle lives on Vancouver Island and beside it on his sailboat a great artist.Ecky,a great artist also lives about an hour out of Van,so it was real nice everyone made the time and we had a good one…..Here’s Jodi with her son Jacoband then there’s Shamus.When they were young I was a little ruff on them and now they’re getting me bacxk,I’m not sure about next year,will be in training…check out the wheels,1964 New Yorker,Jodi’s husband Steve got it from Winipeg and what a weekend wanderer….We had dinner parties went to the racetrack and just enjoyed.I flew with Westjet and what a pleasure…..Into Montreal airport and on a 6pm bus to Ottawa,I could’ve flown to Ottawa direct bus screwed up on that one,bus is cool…and into the glebe before sunset,my bud Guy was to meet but lost in the translation,turn on your phone..a few beers at Irene’s and I’m ready for a good visit.


Really not looking forward to 17 hours in the air to Vancouver,the boat takes real long….I’ve never flown china Air and will give it a go……my dogs new I was leaving and all has been moody…..

Ok,first leg is Bangkok Hong Kong,change plane,taiwan,change plane then Canada,see how it goes…well,as it turns out I’m in first class!!!!Man,nice one,as I got my boarding pass I’m thinking this is a low number for the seat,as I enter the plane she checks ang goes ‘upstairs Sir’,what a nice day I’m having…..the stewardess was quite chatty too,she was interested in my art and’a chance encounter’…

It is nice flying into Canada except for customs pry a little too much,actually standing there as everyone was asked too many questions I’m thinking,’not next year….’

Anyhow,a lovely weekend in Vancouver with old friends,lot’s of sunshine,food beer&wine,and a lotta laughs…..

Tomorrow,Montreal and quickly tyo Ottawa to visit some more sunshine and………..

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