Really not looking forward to 17 hours in the air to Vancouver,the boat takes real long….I’ve never flown china Air and will give it a go……my dogs new I was leaving and all has been moody…..

Ok,first leg is Bangkok Hong Kong,change plane,taiwan,change plane then Canada,see how it goes…well,as it turns out I’m in first class!!!!Man,nice one,as I got my boarding pass I’m thinking this is a low number for the seat,as I enter the plane she checks ang goes ‘upstairs Sir’,what a nice day I’m having…..the stewardess was quite chatty too,she was interested in my art and’a chance encounter’…

It is nice flying into Canada except for customs pry a little too much,actually standing there as everyone was asked too many questions I’m thinking,’not next year….’

Anyhow,a lovely weekend in Vancouver with old friends,lot’s of sunshine,food beer&wine,and a lotta laughs…..

Tomorrow,Montreal and quickly tyo Ottawa to visit some more sunshine and………..