Well,finally all caught up and ready to print more..I was glad to get off the plane ride and get on home.Noi was lookin’ good and we all were happy to see each other.The house and gardens looked as they always do,great…..and all were ready for the ‘Q’ to get it on……back to the grind after a nice break,it was so nice to get away from here after a year in contolling the machine,kinda felt like stuck or so entrenched now I’ve come back breathing much easier…

Anyhow,Noi has a bike accident,a woman driver,go figure….’T’boned by a car,she had banged hip,knee,the bike,both wheels,cowling and forks…Here she is in the hospital,nice rooms with a view,I was calling it ‘the hotel’,very nice and I am so glad we had taken out all kinds of insurances…..A few days down and meds and she’s back to normal…..

Now there’s Mem’s birthday which is always a big party,I’ve booked a room and let’s party!!!There’s Mem in the middle and it’s proved to be a night…a long night…We ended up sneaking out around 2am,remember,it’s saturday and we started partying at my place in the afternoon with the “Q”…….