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Well,back home anbd back at it.I have been thinking this one dark area on the property,tried gardens,would make a perfect spot for more rooms and fit in with the look,so here we go…..I’m doing a two-storey with a deck area for the upper..each unit will be set up with double bed,hot water and an outdoor area….Here the guys are hoisting 200kilo cement floo-slabs,18 in all,all by hand,something to watch…now ready to go up….we’ve been real lucky we didn’t have to cut the trees and it fits in there looking like it’s been there’s getting pretty exciting as each stage goes on..I hired this contractor and it’s been real smooth.I had Dave make the plans and then changed them a bit,and it’s going….This lady,having a break,mixes all the cement and wheel-barrow the sand and stone,equal rights??A couple of the labourers after a long day and then I plie them with rice-whiskey,oooh,nasty stuff..A little paint makes a whole lot of difference.We’re getting to the final finishing…..


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