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Man,it’s been awhile,amazing how the time can fly…I finally got the new house finished,beds,satellite tv and hot water,only a fan,I think if someone is coming to the tropics they should enjoy the warmth,why are we here?????Noi made curtains and I have so many paintings and prints and carvings I sent from Canada that they look like apartments,very cool.On the saturday when the final touches were going in,the beds,we had this Thai lady show up and rent the both as she was waiting for a friend to arrive,so that was a great start.I like the upper deck,i told Noi as we were building that we could move in there and rent the main house out to groups.The two of us are outside all day and it could house six people no problem,anyhow,it didn’t work…..basically,both units are the same inside,the upper has an extra door for the balcony and the lower we made a nice terrace..kept the paint scheme in tune with the rest of the place,blue outside and green in…it was a fun project and glad it’s done.It’s time to fill it up now!!!Oh ya’,check out my new buggy,the ‘Thai sidecar”i take it today to get all the advertizing done on the roof and stuff,Like it?????it’s a new experience to drive and took right to it…..


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