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Man o man,surfin’,that’s how all this feels,nice so far….

sorry suzan,the trip was interesting,shitty and the weather too….I was and am amazed how it went,you know,people I know mostly from the bar your in were FANTASTIC and was as always a good part of the ‘trip’,but,al lot was strange,some didn’t really try to catch alot of time,one guy I waited to have some thai food but didn’t happen,really and fuinny,I’m glad to be in Th,kinda and no choice.Canada is not on the map,have a lovely winter……………

Ohhh,I have my place,Ban Sabai Sabai on  tripadvisor.commine is listed as a B&B in Kanchanaburi area in Thailand,also,there arte some write-ups from people that have been here….


It’s another lovely day.The weather has changed from the ‘Ottawa style’ that I seemed to bring back this summer,now you need the shade!!!!

So.I’ve been on the big ‘get this place on the map’ and to be honest it’s working and I’m on the push..I was told that internet is a good way and really,I am not the guy for that but,have people around me that do…..I’m on 2 sites now for travellers,we’ll see how that goes…one is’’,which is well known and,a good start…

I just got new brochures made up,these are going to the capital,Bangkok,and anyone who buys a bus ticket to Kanchanaburi will get my brochure….

S6303971I figured with the way things are in the world,how things work in Thailand,that I better go along for the time being,see better………….

S6304724Ahhh,well I keep hearing that the Canadian weather is a bit diff,as in shit…..

I thought so to,but here in thailand,it’s the same,since I’ve been back it’s a copy,rainy,cloudy and cooler,ahhh,same hemisphere……

It really was  not such a big holiday,okay,meds involved,and really that was the best part,I feel okay,actually I feel fucking great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and yes,I’ve put on weight…..thanks to Guy and Preston,thanxxx,ya’,I have breakfast now,2 duck eggs and toast,mmmm,beats the shit out of chicken,hehehe..

I really had a different time,some people would ‘say hi’ but not seem like before and some were the same old way,it was interesting to wade though,being on the ‘mend’ and all…Even could see and think that some had had enough by just seeing me and take off,all that,eh??

Well,today is the ‘Queens’  birthday and mother

An interesting time,in Canada.First time I saw a summer like this,cool and wet for the fall or early spring,shitty….but hey,lot of people hanging around,and that makes it!!

It’s funny,when I was planning to come to Canada,which is normal for this time of year,I was talking to my broker,who was quite a concerned man on my health status and all.I told him I was coming for a “Medicinal Holiday”.He didn’t know what the hell I was thinking or talking about…Well,I had some people I had known for years, here after the accident in January and I felt these positive electric energy,wow,made me feel …,I told Dan I didn’t care how the $$$ bag was,I was comin’ home!!!!!!!!!!!!

S6304732Here is a great guy,good energy..Jamie,my son and probably one of the best or better times together,he is,one of…

so sorry things are slow,I have been working full time since I got back,not much time for this but will do more………

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