S6304724Ahhh,well I keep hearing that the Canadian weather is a bit diff,as in shit…..

I thought so to,but here in thailand,it’s the same,since I’ve been back it’s a copy,rainy,cloudy and cooler,ahhh,same hemisphere……

It really was  not such a big holiday,okay,meds involved,and really that was the best part,I feel okay,actually I feel fucking great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and yes,I’ve put on weight…..thanks to Guy and Preston,thanxxx,ya’,I have breakfast now,2 duck eggs and toast,mmmm,beats the shit out of chicken,hehehe..

I really had a different time,some people would ‘say hi’ but not seem like before and some were the same old way,it was interesting to wade though,being on the ‘mend’ and all…Even could see and think that some had had enough by just seeing me and take off,all that,eh??

Well,today is the ‘Queens’  birthday and mother