It’s another lovely day.The weather has changed from the ‘Ottawa style’ that I seemed to bring back this summer,now you need the shade!!!!

So.I’ve been on the big ‘get this place on the map’ and to be honest it’s working and I’m on the push..I was told that internet is a good way and really,I am not the guy for that but,have people around me that do…..I’m on 2 sites now for travellers,we’ll see how that goes…one is’’,which is well known and,a good start…

I just got new brochures made up,these are going to the capital,Bangkok,and anyone who buys a bus ticket to Kanchanaburi will get my brochure….

S6303971I figured with the way things are in the world,how things work in Thailand,that I better go along for the time being,see better………….