Man o man,surfin’,that’s how all this feels,nice so far….

sorry suzan,the trip was interesting,shitty and the weather too….I was and am amazed how it went,you know,people I know mostly from the bar your in were FANTASTIC and was as always a good part of the ‘trip’,but,al lot was strange,some didn’t really try to catch alot of time,one guy I waited to have some thai food but didn’t happen,really and fuinny,I’m glad to be in Th,kinda and no choice.Canada is not on the map,have a lovely winter……………

Ohhh,I have my place,Ban Sabai Sabai on  tripadvisor.commine is listed as a B&B in Kanchanaburi area in Thailand,also,there arte some write-ups from people that have been here….