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It’s another lovely day.The weather has changed from the ‘Ottawa style’ that I seemed to bring back this summer,now you need the shade!!!!

So.I’ve been on the big ‘get this place on the map’ and to be honest it’s working and I’m on the push..I was told that internet is a good way and really,I am not the guy for that but,have people around me that do…..I’m on 2 sites now for travellers,we’ll see how that goes…one is’’,which is well known and,a good start…

I just got new brochures made up,these are going to the capital,Bangkok,and anyone who buys a bus ticket to Kanchanaburi will get my brochure….

S6303971I figured with the way things are in the world,how things work in Thailand,that I better go along for the time being,see better………….



man,it’s been a while,didn’t think I’d be missed.Really,just been real busy and it’s easy to get away and put things off…Well,there’s another pig down,this one we had on the’Q’ over the weekend and I tell ya’,mmmmmmm,real good,one friend was telling me it was the best for him,that was before many beers too!!!Tehre’s only Misss Piggy left and she gets it tomorrow.That’s a big maybe as I had a bit of an accident,at home now,changing a fucking light bulb…It has a great glass globe,well that fell in pieces in my hand and the blood was really flying…that’s another reason I haven’t been on the computor,still having a time typing.I have two fingers taped together so the cuts can close,not a pretty site…sooo,ya my helper is in tomorrow but from the two pigs gone he doesn’t seem to be the killin’ type,hope to see some change in the morn’..that ‘was’ the light It’s a globe now…This pic of Noi and her daughter,well,it was raining and these two were having a ball catching frogs,not really lady-like but I was laughing at the pair of them screeching and howling,they ended up with about 15 and we had them for lunch,another mmmmmmm…

We hired another boat/barge and had a hoot,nice way to waste a day……..

Here we go,and go,you need some kind of container at least,have everything water proofed and minimal clothes,quite the time…and all are smiling and laughing….and drinking,like I said,5-6 days,it’s a hard….I don’t think this would work in Canada.It’s for luck too,the talc and water,a little put on gently,with the booze it’s turned up a notch….this is ‘Big Jimmy’ with my phone,I used a condom to protect,multi-task…Well,like most fun things,there is an end and very grateful,as I was there throwing water daily and all my upper body is in pain,bending and hurling water for hours on end,man!!!It was fun and I’ll be ready for next year…….Here on a quieter moment,I am having a blessing for the New Year..flower scented water and two garlands of flowers,nice…

s6304130.jpg‘The bearded orchid’,finally see it bloom,we got it about 8 months ago,what a burst of flower and color.It’s the time of year and the garden of orchids is a site..s6304073.jpglou-262.jpglou-264.jpgs6304127.jpgs6303983.jpg

mangoe,rose apples,custard apples another seasonal freebie….

other than that,another weekend gone,usual suspects on saturday,but many of the guys’ out of town.I still havew this Canadian tourist staying,funny,he was a bit lost and asked at my neighbors’ house,with pamflet in hand,where my place was and Craig gave him a pamflet of another place down the road,count on ya’!!

Anyhow,Noi’s children finally came after us being here a year,real nice,I’d say 16&15,boy and girl,will have photos later,kinda on the shy side,first time out of the country to the country…..A few months gone now,but 3 months ago we recieved large snails from her family through many hands and had tried some and the bag has been hanging out side since.Well,yesterday she decided to make me up a plate,I’m game….s6304131.jpgso here she’s steamed them and now taking them out of their shells,cuts them up and with chilis(of course)cilantro,lime and onions makes this lovely salad for lunchs6304132.jpgthe middle plate and my fav,spicy mango salad with sticky rice,somethin’ is up!!!!!

Finally a shot of the ‘Q’ in actions6304141.jpgthe rib was well marinated then beer basted on a low heat with rosemary potatoes and a coleslaw with capers,ooooh…

Ouch!!!Another great weekend with all kinds of fun visitors,sides of pig on the ‘Q’,satayed chicken on the grill and the sounds of  papaya salads for all.Friday is my night with ‘The ol’ Farts Club’,a group 0of ex-pats here in Kanchanaburi,we meet and donate money for schools and hit a few bars and have a bit of fun…..just changed and ready to go and the rain came,and came,so us being a 3 motorcycle family,stayed in…..

Well rested for the partiers,I felt in fine form.Saturday was a good one,Ron always come and we get into a bit of fun and his wife is now a regular and brings a great laugh with her too.We had great food,music and company…Now Sunday looked like a repeat performance then this Thai neighbor dropped by in his 1958 red convertable Alfa Romeo,I think it’s the only one in Thailand,a beaut!!!He has a business repairing military vehicles,I met this guy looking for 1950s’ BMW with sidecar,haven’t found one but have had a few drinks over the cause…Anyhow,I open the gates to bring this just amazing car in off the road and he waves me off and is gone,will be is is back with his family in his other wild car,Cadillac Seville,also mint and rare in Thailand,and carrying a bottle of whiskey…

Did I ever mention I’m not good on spirits,well,after being prodded and him a guest,I started having the odd shot,hmmmm.We had a lovely time,family eating us drinking,of course I was still on beer.After all were full and good-byes done,Noi and I went off to bed,or rather hell for me,I was so sick,I’m scared to have a drink,I’m sure this won’t last long…the worst hang-over ,ouch!!

So after 24 hours of water and some meds,it’s Tuesday morning and feelin’ fine…

I have to laugh,in 13 months on this blog site I have recieved comments from some close friends and since I bought the pigs I have got some comments from both sides,hope you can see them!!!!

s6304037.jpgAhhhhh,life in the country.This is the pen,I put it across the street on the other property for a couple of reasons,the smell and noise and my neighbor,heheheh..

They are settled in and growing!!!s6304038.jpgI think it’s pretty roomy,and they’ll only be there a month,should be the size I want and will work on ‘the killer Q’.You see the drain hole,it goes into a septic tank so will be minimal smell.So,next door Craig,pompus Pomy call the recycle people next to him ‘pig people’ so I thought it fitting he should be surrounded.

Another weekend gone….last we left off with the BBQ,it’s bigs6303997.jpg and hard to find a place to hide it,s6303996.jpgbut whatever.So,I’ve been all about looking for a small pig but no-one wants to sell as bigger is more ca$h..Plan B…Jim has a friend who might be around and didn’t take too long to find him,a dutchman with pigs.I told him a meter long is all I can handle and Marko is his name  and seems pretty sure he can help out.He lives like 60 kilometers out of town and assures me I’ll never find it so we make a meeting point,Immigration office in Kanchanaburi.I’ve had Courts’ brother Terry riding shot-gun on my bike,showing him the sites,you ask what kinda sites???well,we’ll leave that one alone….

Anyhow,Terry and I meet Marko at the designated spot and off towards the hills we go.After a long time we have made it and a drink is in order..Marko has some -pretty pigs but they are also 100 kilo pigs!?!?!Ahhhh,he knows a lady who has pigs so off we go on another adventure.Now we end up really in the middle of no where and voila,she has small pigs,some still on the mother and others ready to go,okay,I order 3 pigs and will be back in 3 days,you say why 3 days??I now have to build an enclosure for my little we pork chops.

So,I’ve got the pen built,borrow a dog cage from the vet,didn’t mention what was going in it and Aussie Steve(to the rescue again)Robbie and myself are off to get the wigglie bastards..Well,Steve figures he knows where to go and I’m now lost and so remote the phones wont work and Marko beinng very patient finally comes to our rescue and leads us in….we got the pigs and made a dash for home as it’s 40 C in the shade and by the time we got home their tongues were hanging out…..trying to coordinate all of this only for my steel door guy  to be late and I hate to wait or have people wait so I say my goodbyes and thank yous’ to Steve and Robbie and call up my other lifesaver,Vic,perfect timing as he is still at home and will take me to town to drop off the cage.Yes,the doorman showed up and we have Elmer,fudd and Fat Farang in the cage and I need a beer!!!!!

Had a lovely week with our guests from Canadas6303991.jpg,lot’s of laughss6304002.jpggood food and of course,SHOPPING…Terry and I checked out the usual,girls,s6304000.jpgbeer and on and on….s6304001.jpg

This past 2 weeks has been busy around me,got my brochure done,after many proofs and Eliot is working on my web site.The site is

 let you know when it’s up and you can reserve a spot or just check it out…..

It’s funny ,all I really started out to do was get a BBq built and now I have a piggery.I will buy another freezer and keep pigs on hand,kill them in a month and get three more type of thing and now it’s off to find the shepherd,BAAAAAAAA,that’s next,lamb…..

tech problems and will have photos of the chops soooon!!!!

s6303996.jpgBoy,it sure took it’s time to get here*!@?I had lost all enthusiasm,this has been in production since fucking December.Anyhow,nice work,it’s big,beautiful and will cook a beast….I got the call friday morning from the post office to bring a truck as it had arrived.I had it worked out that Aussie Steve would use his truck and hoped it was on a loading dock,it weighs about 100 kilo…no worries and we were comin’ home….now it’s not much time to get a pig,and now in Thailand the pork industry has some price changes and I found out that no one wanted to sell me a small one,I saw 100 kilo ones but that’s a lot of pig,anyhow,off to a slaughter house and make a deal for a chunk of pig…..

Saturday at sunrise Noi and I are off to pig our pig part,this is not my first time at this either but for quezzy stomachs I’d give it a miss..These guys were fantastic to watch,while I was there they killed 4 huge beasts and the knives were flying.I decided on a hind leg which turned out to weigh in @ 33 lbs and were off on the scooter to rock,it’s BBQ time..

So,the menu is beer basted pig with baked potatoes,sorry for lack of photos,I was quite busy and we had a gang show up.Also,Courts’ wife came from Ottawa with brother in-law,Marty from Ban Seng drove and brought his niece from Kitchener,what great timing as a food experience is happening.Of course Noi has amounts of Thai favorites out too,a smorgasbord of delights……s6303991.jpg

Up early,have an early morning ride in town and off to Bangkok with other pre-dawn travellers..It’s only 2 hours and enough time to hear a few tunes and read the paper,my i-pod was out of juice, but hey!!It’s nice to get out alone and go at your own pace and not worrying about what everyone else wants to do.

It’s great coming into a big city with a bit of knowledge where to go also..I’m off the bus,quick cab over the river,check in,have a coffee and it’s the next leg,to get to the downtown area can take at least 2 hours,the traffic here is mental,ecspecially,Bangkok!!!

So,I get to frustrated, sitting there for hours in traffic,so anyway,I go to the river and they have this cool’river taxi service’,the boats ar long and handle about 120-150 people,the boats come regularly and the views are great,a lot of temples and skyscrapers to be,that takes an hour to get to the skytrain set-up,then it’s 15 minutes and your in the heart of it.There’s all the shopping,big department stores and ‘name brand’,what I like is they have these ‘western food stores’where you can get it all,and they have huge celections of wine,berr and booze…..a little shopping,meet friends for beer lunch then it’s back to Banglampoo or rather ‘backpacker central’,tons of cheap rooms to quite pricey with pools on the roof,bar after bar and restaurants,hawkers,it’s a carnival run on a few blocks that never stops.The music is blarring from every place and not the same staition either,the smells of al the fragrant foods in the air,and revellers from the world over…I used to party there alot in the late ’90’s, a blast and was I,but found on the fringe some quiter and people you could talk to,travellers.

I had also gone to stand in for and English friend at his wedding but as he was getting what he thought was the preliminary paper-work the guy said he could ‘now kiss the bride’.Lack of communication happens a lot here but,he is now married  and we did meet and have some beers and celebrated,copy-of-s6303902.jpga great pair…..

Up early for the 5am market,I get these huge ocean crabs when I come into the cit,and wasn’t it shut for the Buddhist holiday,oh well,lug a big empty cooler home,going again next week.The gem show is here twice a year and the biggest in the world,good for  a look,also a friend will be there from nepal and we like to hook up…

So,I get to Kanchanaburi and call Noi to come meet me and she can get her hair and nails done,I’ll have a couple of beers and it’s our first anniversary,been a long year….Well,at Jimmys’ bar,he’s telling me about this big tribal fest and to come up,so easy to get talked into stuff,and celebrating anyhow,said’let’s go’..s6303956.jpghere we are at the burmese border after 3 hours in a mini bus but real nice roads,and real windy once in the mountains.The ethnics here have such dress,amazing outfits and colors..also the markets,we found this one with truckloads of orchids just being sorted from the jungle,where normally an orchid would go from 100-2000 bht,$3-$60,and here a bunch was going for 60 cents,just what we need,more flowers to take care of,it was only 26 bunches,man…s6303958.jpgwe hired a pick-up and did some markets,bought some nice laquer work from Burma and then met ‘little Jimmy’at the water..s6303966.jpggotta keep up that size,great guy and always happy,a viet vet,he has this hippy-style guest houst and I loved it.He had a killer hang out area a very simple place you’d call a bathroom?? and a neat room for Noi and I upstairs.So,like were right across the street from the party,been fore warned…s6303947.jpg

The fest was very load and beautiful shows from the area,sorry for the lack of photos but sometimes just don’t bring out the camera……

Had a great visit and the next morning we were back to Nong Bua as we were arranging to have a party so got a short view and will come back for sure….

The voting is on this weekend and all the bars shut,so us here in the country get the way-wards out this way in droves,had a good day,lot’s of laughs and a bit more on sunday then it’s over for a few more days.

Update on the ‘Q’,will be on a vehicle today bound for these parts,I am sooo ready!!!!!!

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