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Hi,well,the things that you can go through in life,man!!I have been so busy trying to get everything right and seems to be up-hill and going no-where,very wierd…I have the place on the web map,showing a beauty of a place and reviews from people who have been here trains and buses coming to Kanchanaburi seeing my brochures,totally ready,but…….legally screwed around,and not be honest,alot of stress that you would think wouldn’t think would be in my life,wow….soooooo,at this point,not good….funny…

The place is wonderful and have been the head gardener,manager,have a great lady I hired to cook and clean,but just one thing,my ex,she won’t leave,tried to get the police out here,my luck they won’t come,for now anyway,sometimes eh????I’m really back to the same shit I had,soo,thinking of packing it in,after all this that I have done,just bad,and really,probably good,back to where I was before I bought the place,no money left,at all…..start back at selling on the street……..S6304731


I feel like shit…………………………….

okay,,I am so busy/tied up and really when I( get back out of all this bZiz you will enjoy al the BS,amazing,love you all and soon out of the wierd shit……………..

Man o man,surfin’,that’s how all this feels,nice so far….

sorry suzan,the trip was interesting,shitty and the weather too….I was and am amazed how it went,you know,people I know mostly from the bar your in were FANTASTIC and was as always a good part of the ‘trip’,but,al lot was strange,some didn’t really try to catch alot of time,one guy I waited to have some thai food but didn’t happen,really and fuinny,I’m glad to be in Th,kinda and no choice.Canada is not on the map,have a lovely winter……………

Ohhh,I have my place,Ban Sabai Sabai on  tripadvisor.commine is listed as a B&B in Kanchanaburi area in Thailand,also,there arte some write-ups from people that have been here….

S6304724Ahhh,well I keep hearing that the Canadian weather is a bit diff,as in shit…..

I thought so to,but here in thailand,it’s the same,since I’ve been back it’s a copy,rainy,cloudy and cooler,ahhh,same hemisphere……

It really was  not such a big holiday,okay,meds involved,and really that was the best part,I feel okay,actually I feel fucking great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and yes,I’ve put on weight…..thanks to Guy and Preston,thanxxx,ya’,I have breakfast now,2 duck eggs and toast,mmmm,beats the shit out of chicken,hehehe..

I really had a different time,some people would ‘say hi’ but not seem like before and some were the same old way,it was interesting to wade though,being on the ‘mend’ and all…Even could see and think that some had had enough by just seeing me and take off,all that,eh??

Well,today is the ‘Queens’  birthday and mother

An interesting time,in Canada.First time I saw a summer like this,cool and wet for the fall or early spring,shitty….but hey,lot of people hanging around,and that makes it!!

It’s funny,when I was planning to come to Canada,which is normal for this time of year,I was talking to my broker,who was quite a concerned man on my health status and all.I told him I was coming for a “Medicinal Holiday”.He didn’t know what the hell I was thinking or talking about…Well,I had some people I had known for years, here after the accident in January and I felt these positive electric energy,wow,made me feel …,I told Dan I didn’t care how the $$$ bag was,I was comin’ home!!!!!!!!!!!!

S6304732Here is a great guy,good energy..Jamie,my son and probably one of the best or better times together,he is,one of…

so sorry things are slow,I have been working full time since I got back,not much time for this but will do more………

S6304747What a great place….and figuring it’s summer time,I decided it would be summertime…..well,coming from Ottawa,I was amazed at how it didn’t feel like summer at all,maybe spring or late fall,brrrrrrr…..all it took was a jacket,pants,oh ya,umbrella,man!!1

Well,just to say HI,trying to get back into here,all over…

Quite the trip back from Canada,Egypt Air,hmmm,is good for detoxing……

Man,it’s been awhile,amazing how the time can fly…I finally got the new house finished,beds,satellite tv and hot water,only a fan,I think if someone is coming to the tropics they should enjoy the warmth,why are we here?????Noi made curtains and I have so many paintings and prints and carvings I sent from Canada that they look like apartments,very cool.On the saturday when the final touches were going in,the beds,we had this Thai lady show up and rent the both as she was waiting for a friend to arrive,so that was a great start.I like the upper deck,i told Noi as we were building that we could move in there and rent the main house out to groups.The two of us are outside all day and it could house six people no problem,anyhow,it didn’t work…..basically,both units are the same inside,the upper has an extra door for the balcony and the lower we made a nice terrace..kept the paint scheme in tune with the rest of the place,blue outside and green in…it was a fun project and glad it’s done.It’s time to fill it up now!!!Oh ya’,check out my new buggy,the ‘Thai sidecar”i take it today to get all the advertizing done on the roof and stuff,Like it?????it’s a new experience to drive and took right to it…..

Well,back home anbd back at it.I have been thinking this one dark area on the property,tried gardens,would make a perfect spot for more rooms and fit in with the look,so here we go…..I’m doing a two-storey with a deck area for the upper..each unit will be set up with double bed,hot water and an outdoor area….Here the guys are hoisting 200kilo cement floo-slabs,18 in all,all by hand,something to watch…now ready to go up….we’ve been real lucky we didn’t have to cut the trees and it fits in there looking like it’s been there’s getting pretty exciting as each stage goes on..I hired this contractor and it’s been real smooth.I had Dave make the plans and then changed them a bit,and it’s going….This lady,having a break,mixes all the cement and wheel-barrow the sand and stone,equal rights??A couple of the labourers after a long day and then I plie them with rice-whiskey,oooh,nasty stuff..A little paint makes a whole lot of difference.We’re getting to the final finishing…..

They move pretty fast and have said they will complete the job in 3 weeks,here we go…..The only slow-down was waiting 4 days for the columns to cure,then back at it..This how it’s done here,anyhow….the over-hangin’ bit is a wrap-around deck,I’m really thinking of moving in there…..Well,holidays over and let’s lay brick….I’m doing changes as where the doors and windows will be so gotta stick around as they move…they finished 3 walls in one day,that’s with windows and door framed,good!!!

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