Well,back home anbd back at it.I have been thinking this one dark area on the property,tried gardens,would make a perfect spot for more rooms and fit in with the look,so here we go…..I’m doing a two-storey with a deck area for the upper..each unit will be set up with double bed,hot water and an outdoor area….Here the guys are hoisting 200kilo cement floo-slabs,18 in all,all by hand,something to watch…now ready to go up….we’ve been real lucky we didn’t have to cut the trees and it fits in there looking like it’s been there awhile..it’s getting pretty exciting as each stage goes on..I hired this contractor and it’s been real smooth.I had Dave make the plans and then changed them a bit,and it’s going….This lady,having a break,mixes all the cement and wheel-barrow the sand and stone,equal rights??A couple of the labourers after a long day and then I plie them with rice-whiskey,oooh,nasty stuff..A little paint makes a whole lot of difference.We’re getting to the final finishing…..


They move pretty fast and have said they will complete the job in 3 weeks,here we go…..The only slow-down was waiting 4 days for the columns to cure,then back at it..This how it’s done here,anyhow….the over-hangin’ bit is a wrap-around deck,I’m really thinking of moving in there…..Well,holidays over and let’s lay brick….I’m doing changes as where the doors and windows will be so gotta stick around as they move…they finished 3 walls in one day,that’s with windows and door framed,good!!!

It’s been non-stop since I got back.It’s summertime here too and the bees and hornets are busy and fooling around in the flowers has given me a few stings.I was trimming the bougenvilla tree and was attacked,had to get off the 12 foot ladder first,I was running around the yard slapping my head and cheeks(my head),I found there is a huge honey nest in there and soon will be bottled!!Then the hornets build these nests smaller than an egg,some hang off a leaf others you find inside hollow wood and I found a few,ouch!!!Also the leaf eating bugs are out so I’m on the spray duty,not the best for your lungs……

Anyhow from there I’m back into construction,this time I have hired a contractor and hang around to make changes to my plan,it’s coming right along,a two storey hidden in the trees,it’ll be a room up and one down,give me more capacity and all,never know,they may eventually sell across the street,I’d be done!!!!!This back corner has failed as a garden and I always thought it could fit a cute little place so here we go.We first cleared some trees and got a 6mx6meter site,I had some plans drawn up and a few tweaks as you go……

Well,finally all caught up and ready to print more..I was glad to get off the plane ride and get on home.Noi was lookin’ good and we all were happy to see each other.The house and gardens looked as they always do,great…..and all were ready for the ‘Q’ to get it on……back to the grind after a nice break,it was so nice to get away from here after a year in contolling the machine,kinda felt like stuck or so entrenched now I’ve come back breathing much easier…

Anyhow,Noi has a bike accident,a woman driver,go figure….’T’boned by a car,she had banged hip,knee,the bike,both wheels,cowling and forks…Here she is in the hospital,nice rooms with a view,I was calling it ‘the hotel’,very nice and I am so glad we had taken out all kinds of insurances…..A few days down and meds and she’s back to normal…..

Now there’s Mem’s birthday which is always a big party,I’ve booked a room and let’s party!!!There’s Mem in the middle and it’s proved to be a night…a long night…We ended up sneaking out around 2am,remember,it’s saturday and we started partying at my place in the afternoon with the “Q”…….

A visit to Canada isn’t complete without visiting my friend Terrill(TC)up near Cornwall.He’s got  a beauty property,wife and kid and we’ll be into beers,wine,bbq and stories..Anyhow,TC took the next day off and it’s gonna be fun.Caroline is off early to work and were going the other way,play.The Harley is the transpo and TC knows every back road into Ottawa.We started with beers,bud, cheese curds,then washed that down with beer,of course……Here we are at Guy& Margo’s after about 5 hour tour,it’s been a nice finish on my visit home.I also had an added suprise and got to see my son,Jamie…..Well,it’s off to Montreal for the weekend,visit Giselle and Edmond and party with Preston,actually,I’m driving with Preston to Mtl,party,then visit,get it right.What a beautiful city to wanderwith fun people…………..Well,as it turns out,Preston and I are alone on Father’s Day,so I ask this guy to take a pic of my father and I as we brown bag it outside a depannuer,the owner loved us and gave us a discount on quantity,great shoppers………My visit almost complete,and now to the burbs.Edmond is a fantastic chef,and looking forward to this part….it all goes so fast and now it’s catch my plane,few kisses and hope for next year……now it’s up up and away,off to Vancouvera short time in the airport and back to Asia after 3 wonderful weeks.I got to see almost everyone,lot’s of laughs,great food,visited one friend,Stogy,I think for the last time,a great guy that I miss already………and more closure,my storage,finally after more than a decade and shipped it all to Thailand,that’s a lie,I took 3 truckloads to the St Vincent’s,they should enjoy it all…..

So,here in the airport getting primed for a 17 hour flight,grt to the check in,it’s like midnight and the guy says’plane cancelled’,I say’shit!!’,but will fly tomorrow,same time and we’ll put you up at the’Hilton’,ok,ok..real nice beds,man!!!!See about plans,be here now….so,it’s like wander around Vancouver the next day and I go to this club where Ferd,a friend from Ottawa,usually hangs out after work,well,I hit it right…..Ferd and I have quite a few laughs and boy the time can go by fast,it’s time to catch the 2am flight like now………it’s like ‘next year Ferd’ and off I go,this has really finished what I wanted to do,come to canada and have a visit,usually I come for the ‘Blues Fest’ or selling jewellery and reaslly it all revolves around that.This time,no jewels and no Blues,but a whole lotta fun………………this time I’m gone,see ya’ all next year or maybe in Thailand,come on down……


Here’s Ruth and Kathleen,Looks like a bit of wine going down…a great afternoon with a gang and tons of food….a pot luck gone good.oh ya’,plenty of laughs too.

Here I’m in Kanata for a ‘Q’ with Steve and Dawn,huge steaks,too much wine and lot’s of laughs.Steve and I did a tour of Thailand and he met the guys’ and Noi up here when I decided to move here.So,we burned the candles real well.I think this was one of the best un-planned visits I’ve had,grrrreat!!!!!and Dougie living next door made a double vis….looks like time to go…..

Here we are at Guy&Margo’s in Ottawa south,my digs while in the Ottawa area,location,location!!!!!I brought my in-line skates from Thailand and Guy has a Mountain bike for me,stylin’….early mornins’ skate the canal and the rest on the bike,Ottawa is the city for it,man…

This year it’s all about ‘the visit’,try to hang out and visit people and oh ya,empty my storage of 20 years…the weather is perfect and in good form for this 2 week tour,let you know later,actually near the end I was getting weary and feeling my age,naw!!!!Here are some nice morning shots of the canal area of Ottawa,It goes from north to south through the city and is used year round,in the winter,the longest skating rink in the world,it’s great!!!well paved route and that’s me with the safety gear on..it’s about 10-12 kilometers long and i choose to do both sides,also amazing so many beauties out at this time of the day…..what a beautiful city,when i have lived there i found it well laid out,people friendly and no need of a car!!!!!Anyhow,looks like a good summer ahead,man,like another tour on the canal…..

Here’s Pogie,Ecky and myself having a couple in Vancouver,we had a great weekend and all camped at Steve and Jodi’s house and had a time,Pogie in the middle lives on Vancouver Island and beside it on his sailboat a great artist.Ecky,a great artist also lives about an hour out of Van,so it was real nice everyone made the time and we had a good one…..Here’s Jodi with her son Jacoband then there’s Shamus.When they were young I was a little ruff on them and now they’re getting me bacxk,I’m not sure about next year,will be in training…check out the wheels,1964 New Yorker,Jodi’s husband Steve got it from Winipeg and what a weekend wanderer….We had dinner parties went to the racetrack and just enjoyed.I flew with Westjet and what a pleasure…..Into Montreal airport and on a 6pm bus to Ottawa,I could’ve flown to Ottawa direct bus screwed up on that one,bus is cool…and into the glebe before sunset,my bud Guy was to meet but lost in the translation,turn on your phone..a few beers at Irene’s and I’m ready for a good visit.


Really not looking forward to 17 hours in the air to Vancouver,the boat takes real long….I’ve never flown china Air and will give it a go……my dogs new I was leaving and all has been moody…..

Ok,first leg is Bangkok Hong Kong,change plane,taiwan,change plane then Canada,see how it goes…well,as it turns out I’m in first class!!!!Man,nice one,as I got my boarding pass I’m thinking this is a low number for the seat,as I enter the plane she checks ang goes ‘upstairs Sir’,what a nice day I’m having…..the stewardess was quite chatty too,she was interested in my art and’a chance encounter’…

It is nice flying into Canada except for customs pry a little too much,actually standing there as everyone was asked too many questions I’m thinking,’not next year….’

Anyhow,a lovely weekend in Vancouver with old friends,lot’s of sunshine,food beer&wine,and a lotta laughs…..

Tomorrow,Montreal and quickly tyo Ottawa to visit some more sunshine and………..

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