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s6300274.jpgs6300273.jpgs6300268.jpgs6300256.jpgs6300254.jpgs6300248.jpgs6300247.jpgHere are some photos from the group,we s6300274.jpghad a blast,they come from a remote part of Thailand and are very wise with nature and I’m always amazed at some foods they eat…..The two small children in the photo have stayed on with Nois’ Aunt and Uncle and what a pleasure to share some time and all.You would think a gang could make a mess but hardly tell they were here.My new housecleaner/gardener got off easy as none of the beds were slept in?!!all on the floor,that’s them,don’t ask…….


Funny how that is,great to get home,whether it’s your hometown,family place or your own,I get kinda excited,even when I think of Ottawa or getting close on a plane or bus,real strange…….anyhow,back from Bangkok and dogs and fish are happy to be fed and the girls are in the kitchen getting some fixins’ happenin’.We have crabs,fish and papaya salad,wines,beers,ahhhhhhh…..s6300244.jpgs6300271.jpgs6300243.jpgBack to work….here we are cutting the granite for my stove-top,in the foreground check out the gas/electric combo.It turned out perfect but on the backslash they were an inch too long which was an easy fix,glad they do it on site….There is the finished version with lighting and fan for those hot stir-frys….I’m glad it’s now done and finally can get at the brick work which has taken on a lot of cfement drips an just an overall mess,II plan to use a hammer and chisel for the thicker stuff and finish it with a drill with wire brush on,it takes a while and my back will be on massage and medication, but hey,it’s all part of it……                    Noi is having some of here family up,great,welll I get back from town and there’s 17,did they empty the village????All ages,and a very happy bunch come to eat(of course)  enjoy the nature,check the waterfalls and party,well,I was having a ball,we have games and badminton and it was great to see all ages(kids around 5 then a group around teens then 20-30 then older,like myself)having fun and it is set up so us older farts can have our own space and the kids too…..                     




It’s always nice to go to Bangkok,as much as you complain about big cities,it’s still fun and full of energy,and a change..we have been at home busy and this is like a holiday,albiet a short one but hey!take ’em anyway…

I’ve been looking in Kanchanaburi for a stoveto fit in the granite top and they only have these camping kinda stove things,looks like shit,s0o, off to the big stores.We got a huge suite and off to the Mall,soo many people and cars it takes forever to move around.We made the right stop and now have a lovely top to go in my outdoor “Q” area… try and get a cab,maybe 10 blocks and I’s say over an hour,yes,I could walk,but not with the stove…After that it’s Noi off to see sister and friends and for me a wander and few beers,also have to hit the food shops,they have imported food from everywhere,right down to your favorite peanut butter…..the wines too,would put Vintages to shame…

I’m off to meet some friends and have a few,a couple of English guys’ who are always up for a laugh,and laugh we did.There is this hide-away in this alley where we meet,fantastic food,cold beer and the worst service,the place is always jammed,don’t know how they find this place…Then it’s off to meet the girls and hit the disco and shake it up,all and all,quite an evening..In the morning it’s the final shopp then to the seafood market,wow,so much stuff,I’m here for the sea crabs,big claws and fresh,also oysters ,salmon(imported) and other sea fish.It took Noi to helpme cary the coolre and almost ready to caqtch the cab home.We pick up a carful of people and it’s a dinner party in the making and a city trip finished….ahhhhhhhhh

s6300205.JPGthis is a loom we just made under the guidence of Noi.She was up-country visiting family and brought back some material(grasses)to weave,at this point I’m eager to see what gives….

s6300204.JPGHere Noi is s6300230.JPGheating pigments to dye the grasses,then dry in the sun,I can’t wait till she starts…….not good with moving the photos around… we are,it’s very colorful and she has an outline of an elephant,quite cool to watch…..this piece will be around 7 feet long,I remember joking in school about taking basket weaving,well,watch what you wish for…….

As for me,just got back from Bangkok,getting tools and metal,the shop is now happening….

Had a bit of shit this last week,Bear&Blacki(the dogs)got into the orchids and a flower bed and trashed it,Noi was upset and me too,well,I gave themm a thrashing and locked up,so,I’m tending to some grass fires and notice my gold bracelet is gone.I figure in the trashing of the dogs it must of came off,Noi and i looked but couldn’t find it and chucked it up to mother earth.So,yesterday I’m thinking maybe check the fire pit,I took a stick and there it was,quite a mess but nothing i can’t handle,It’s back on my wrist and lookin’ good….

Here is under thes6300179.JPG main house,when it rains,s6300181.JPGwater comes in and it’s a soggy mess,so,anothers6300188.JPG job to get in the second photo you can see the cement blocks on the left\,well,we went down 2 rows of block then filled it back in and then cement the whole place.What was happening is the rain would flow under the gravel driveway and flood under,so,figure that should do it and clean it up…and it’s done…now it’s a couple days off,heal the hands,have a massage and finnish that bottle of Johnnie Walker…………….

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